MedMij Framework

MedMij’s core task is to facilitate the digital exchange of health data between residents of the Netherlands and their care-givers. MedMij is also creating confidence that this is done in a secure, affordable, future-proof and user-friendly way. One of the ways MedMij is doing this is by designing a solid framework. The agreements contained in the framework are essential to create the trusted environment in which patients and care-givers feel secure to exchange health data and thus get the system off the ground. This trust is symbolised by the MedMij label that indicates that a product or service is compliant with the MedMij Framework.  

The participants in the Framework are service providers. We distinguish between two types of service providers: 

  1. service providers in the individual domain 
  2. service providers in the care providers domain 

When compiling and filling in their personal health environment, care users add a service provider in the individual domain. For example, the supplier of an app or website with the MedMij label. 

Care-givers work with service providers in the care provider’s domain. They are the suppliers of IT systems in a healthcare institution. Service providers that participate in the Framework and the care-givers with whom they have contracts are identifiable by the MedMij label. 

Figure 1 – The foundation of the MedMij Framework 

Depending on the agreements made in the Framework, the MedMij network links the individual’s and the care giver’s domain. 

Because care providers make agreements with IT providers, the Framework remains manageable. After all, it is not necessary for care providers and personal health environments to make all kinds of mutual agreements. Only the IT providers in the individual and care provider’s domain need to meet the MedMij Framework criteria to ensure that health data can be exchanged between care users and care-givers.