MedMij is an initiative of the Patiëntenfederatie Nederland (Netherlands Patients Federation), which was embraced and founded in 2015 by the Informatieberaad Zorg (Healthcare Information Council), an administrative collaboration between participants in the care sector and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

MedMij started out as a programme that in recent years mainly focused on developing the MedMij Trust Scheme and the information standards required to effectively exchange data in the same language.

Stichting MedMij

Stichting MedMij was founded in 2018 to represent the MedMij perspective and independently evaluate if a party may join MedMij as a participant. If a party can demonstrate that it complies with the Trust Scheme, the foundation will sign a participant agreement with the party in question. That is how the foundation ensures that all participants can exchange data in a MedMij compliant format. The foundation may take unilateral action if a participant fails to comply with the agreement.

Until 31 December 2019, the programme and the foundation coexisted side by side. On 31 December 2019, the programme was discontinued and its tasks were incorporated into Stichting MedMij. As of 1 March 2020, Marc van Dijk has been appointed as CEO of Stichting MedMij.

Stichting MedMij’s Board of Directors consists of two independent members Ronald Gorter and Theo Hooghiemstra. It also has an Owner’s council, consisting of the owners of the Trust Scheme in which umbrella organisations that represent patients/care users and care providers are represented. Care providers and care users are always equally represented. You can compare the Owner’s Council to the membership council of an association.

Parties that obtain the MedMij label are entitled to a seat in the Members’ Council. They participate in an advisory capacity.

Management organisation

Stichting MedMij has commissioned the VZVZ Service Centre and Nictiz to manage and further develop the Trust Scheme and the information standards. The VZVZ Service Centre and Nictiz also play an important role in the qualification and acceptance procedure for parties to become a participant. Nictiz is responsible for the qualification process, whereas the VZVZ Service Centre takes care of the acceptance.

The final decision to award an applicant the MedMij label lies with the foundation’s Board.

MedMij contact point

+31 70 317 34 34

The Board

Ronald Gorter
Ronald Gorter
Chairman Foundation MedMij
Theo Hooghiemstra
Theo Hooghiemstra
Expert director Foundation MedMij