What is a personal health environment?

A personal health environment (PHE) is a digital tool in which you can keep track of information about your own health and actively work on your health. The PHE allows you to manage medical data and to also share it with others. This way you keep a grip on your health care data, from treatments to laboratory results, medications and vaccinations. And these data remain accessible throughout your entire life.  

Up to now, health data has not always been easily accessible. In a personal health environment, you can easily compile, manage and share the data. You can also add data that you measured yourself. There are already several similar apps and websites, but they do not work in the same way. To ensure that the exchange of health data is secure, MedMij has defined a number of regulations to which personal health environments and the care-givers’ healthcare data systems must comply. 

What personal health environments are there now? 

The PHEs mentioned on the Dutch webpage ‘Persoonlijke gezondheidsomgevingen‘ meet the stringent conditions set by MedMij and have received the MedMij label.

Over time, more PHEs will receive a MedMij label. Dozens of suppliers of personal health environments have already registered. They are now candidate participants. Should they successfully complete the entire admissions procedure, suppliers may call themselves a MedMij participant.  

Any supplier that meets MedMij’s criteria may use the MedMij label below. The MedMij label says nothing about how useful or handy the functions of an app or website are and whether they fit the situation and needs of a user. This is determined by the user themselves.
Patiëntenfederatie Nederland (Dutch Patients’ Association) made a PHE checklist to help users choose the PHE that best meets their requirements and health situation.